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10 FAQs

What makes it different?
Ebolmer takes the concept of wireless to new heights with interchangeable transmitters and receivers so small and lightweight, that they are nearly imperceptible, providing a true wireless experience with no cables or beltpacks. For such small and inconspicuous transmitters and receivers, we developed new proprietary technology, featuring miniaturized circuitry that provides significantly improved wireless reception and sound quality.

How long do the batteries last?
Using 9V rechargeable batteries, you will be able to play your guitar for more than 20 HOURS BEFORE RECHARGING!
Any other wireless guitar system available on the market today do not last longer than 4 hours using rechargeable batteries.

Why can´t it can be recharged via USB?
Since Ebolmer does not have to be recharged via USB or adapter, you can continue playing when you run out of battery by simply replacing it.
On the contrary, using a system that MUST be recharged via USB (or adapters for electrical connection) you have to wait until the end of the recharge cycle to continue playing wirelessly.

Wouldn't it be ideal to put an adapter for electrical connection?
An adapter for electrical connection at the transmitter would prevent you to keep playing during recharging cycles. An adapter for electrical connection at the receiver is an option, but that costs and as you have to employ (rechargeable) batteries for the transmitter anyway, it not really much of an advantage. Moreover, adapters for electrical connection are not fun to carry with you, are they?
Using the recommended set of 9V rechargeable batteries you get the best solution available on the market today to
- don’t spend money on batteries and
- be able to play wireless without interruptions when running out of battery

It is oriented to use for practice, or can compete with systems like AKG, Shure, etc. that are higher priced?
In terms of sound quality, Ebolmer can perfectly compete with systems like AKG, Shure etc.

What about the technology?
Ebolmer uses a highly integrated 2.4GHz RF Audio Streamer. It features a 4Mbps on-air data-rate that supports the streaming of un-compressed CD quality audio in full 16-bit. The embedded protocol stack is custom designed for wireless audio streaming and features Quality of Service for up to 1.536Mbps LPCM audio, adaptive frequency hopping, and bi-directional control data link. Ebolmer supports 44.1 kHz sampling rates, and extremely low latency, plus I2S for seamless interfacing to low cost audio ADC/DACs.

How does it behave under extreme distortions and interferences?
Ebolmer is a digital system working at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. It uses a robust system of FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) or "frequency jumps" to avoid interference. This makes it a much more reliable system in terms of interferences when compared with many competing systems working in analogue mode (UHF).

What range of audio frequencies can be transmitted?
It transmits in the whole the range, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Can simultaneously use several Ebolmer units?
Up to 4 channels can work simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Do you have a demo?
You can watch a demo on the following link:


We encourage you to upload your own demo as well as to give us your opinion on our facebook page:

Greetings and thank you very much for your interest in Ebolmer.